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Take a step forward and help accident victims.
An initiative by BrandSwitch and Akshay Foundation.

I pledge to be a responsible citizen. I AM “Me Ambulance”.

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What is Me Ambulance?

“An accident won’t arrive with a bell on its neck”. Walking down the lane, running late to the meeting, driving little over speed, talking over the phone, medical condition these are few of many uncountable reasons that may result in something frightening which we would never see them coming at us or at someone sitting right next to us. These are scenarios which we have never taken under consideration or been prepared for. But, we can by acting as a responsible and proud citizen of India. “Me Ambulance” is every such individual who does the right thing at someone’s worst time.

The grand launch of Me Ambulance at ABCI 58th Annual Awards

They say "An idea is never small or big," but some ideas may impact on a very large scale. "Me Ambulance" started with the same belief to make people aware of how important it is to step forward and help an accident victim. To expand the reach of this revolutionary idea from the very beginning it was indeed important to make launch great and make an impact from the very beginning.

And we are thrilled, we got a chance to launch this idea on the grandest stage of the Association of Business Communicators of India's 58th Annual awards where we launch "Me Ambulance" by the hands of honorary Dr. Harshdeep Kamble IAS, Secretary & Development Commissioner (Industries) Government of Maharashtra and Mr. Yogesh Joshi President of Association of Business Communicators of India.

We hope that this small step takes us towards the resposible India, safer India.


The main objective of “Me Ambulance” is to be the person who would step forward and act like a #MeAmbulance to help the victim. Who would not wait for the help to arrive and instead be the help when accident victim needs our help the most.

What we believe in

It just takes a step forward to help an individual in crisis, it just takes an ounce of responsibility to do the right thing at someone’s worst time. It just takes an ounce of courage to be the “Me Ambulance”.

Am i Safe?

As per the “GOOD SAMARITANS” law passed in 2016 by Supreme Court any person who helps accident victim will not be troubled by any Government Authorities.

What law says?

  • A person making a phone call to inform the police about an accidental injury or death does not need to reveal his/her personal details
  • The option of becoming a witness in the matter shall solely rest with the helping person
  • If a person chooses to be a witness, they will be questioned at a time and place of their convenience
  • Lack of response by a doctor in an emergency situation pertaining to road accidents shall constitute ‘professional misconduct’
  • A person shall not be liable for any civil or criminal liability